$10K Santa Train in this years budget

Another great find by a journalist at the State House News Service.  My only question, why isn’t the State GOP and the GOP caucus raising more of a stink over these pork projects?

The House-Senate budget duel was not as compelling as in past years, in part because everyone agreed that this was a year for measured austerity, which is what they said they practiced.

And thus was $10,000 allocated for the “Santa Train” at the Palmer Winter Festival, which had been sidelined last year because festival planners could not afford the liability insurance. In a statement, Senate Ways and Means vice chair Stephen Brewer exulted, “I was very upset when I learned the Santa Train was to be cancelled last year. This train is often the first introduction to Santa that area children have … It is my hope that with this money, the [organizers] will be able to secure the proper insurance in time to run the Santa Train.”

That quote should be on a radio ad ASAP.  


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