Who Should Test Who?

While watching Representative Donelan (on a local cable access program) explain why firefighters need be alcohol and drug tested, I’m thinking “is this a case of the foxes watching the hen house”?

Boston (WBZ Newsroom) — A bill calling for random drug and alcohol testing for all public safety employes in Massachusetts is meeting opposition. State representative Christopher Donelan of Orange says the public deserves to feel confident in the work these employes do. Donelan has filed a bill months after autopsies reportedly found traces of alcohol or cocaine in the systems of two Boston firefighters, who perished in a West Roxbury blaze.

Now while what happened to the deceased firefighters was tragic, that’s no reason to pile on and indict all because of a sensational news story. I trust firefighters more than that.

At the same time, with all the recent arrests, threats, and shenanigans by Beacon Hill lawmakers (as well as the questionable judgment shown by legislation passed), maybe Boston Democrats should be the ones tested for drugs and alcohol…?

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