When it comes to character, John McCain is way ahead

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Certainly, McCain has had his differences with movement conservatives, which I have always found puzzling. On core values, McCain is there, the war, spending, abortion, patriotism and service. A leader of his stature is entitled to roam off the reservation as long as he’s rock-solid on national security.

More critical, in my view, is that McCain, unlike Kerry, never uses his status as a war veteran for political gain. Nor does he roll out his family as a prop even though he heroically adopted a child from Mother Teresa’s orphanage, a measure that speaks volumes to the adoption not abortion principle that should guide us all. He rarely speaks of this sons’ military service. We may disagree with McCain on campaign finance, immigration and tax policy but the American people realize he’s a man of character. Let’s see how Obama holds up against such a benchmark.

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