The Time Machine …

Here is a great big hypothetical for you all to ponder.

Let’s say that someone invented a time machine and that they installed them at all the local neighborhood quickie marts, where for 9.99$ you could step on board the machine and be transported to any point in time that you wished.

The only catch is, it is a one way trip and once you go someplace you have to stay there.

Would you choose to go for a trip and if so, would you choose a date in the past or in the future?


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  • nomad943

    Who will step up and tell us that they would love to hop on board and jet into …. THE FUTURE.


    Imagine all the great PROGRESS and INNOVATION that will be had in the future ..

    Or will we be slaves or huddling around in caves feeding smudge fires with scrap timber 🙂

  • I’d bring a weed wacker with me or something that would really impress them.  Probably become their god.

  • I might have said the Pax Romana, Norway circa 1000 AD, colonial/Revolutionary America or the Civil War era but let’s be honest… those might have romantic overtones for us with air conditioning & television and well, I admit it.  I’m spoiled.  If I can’t come back then I can’t go to any of those places!

    That’s a really tough choice, after all I’m tempted to seize the future in hopes of some sort of Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow in Futureworld or Tomorrowland but then again, I was a history major & I do wax a bit nostalgic at times so while it’s tempting to do the time warp a few centuries or millennia into the future I’ll say let’s go back to the future to January 1, 1980 so that I can relive the 80s, the Reagan campaign & administration, and well hey… I was born in 1978 so I’d like to go back in time & be even more active in that decade.

  • BrocktonDave

    …is that you can’t come back.

    I don’t think I would risk going forward in time.  Right now, unless we can do some serious changing of our society, I wouldn’t want to risk going forward.

    As for back?  Well…  There are so many possibilities.  Going back to save my father is the only one where I would risk it all for, even if it meant it was the end for me.