Steven Levy, 36 hour Grass Roots Donation Blast.

(Only a few hours remaining!   – promoted by Cool Cal)

Scare a Democrat This Friday the 13th, donate between now and Midnight tomorrow (6/13/08) to Republican Steven Levy

It is time to show what the Republican Grass Roots can do. In the next 36 hours, we need to donate what we can, on line, to Steven Levy!

Steven Levy is the best chance we have to pick up a State Senate seat this year!

He is a City councilor at Large in the Largest city in the district, but he needs our help!

More over, his opponent is the poster child for liberal insiders on Beacon Hill. They priorities are special interests.

Donate $10 to $500 to Steven Levy NOW at the link below.…

Find out more about Steven Levy at:

I am sure you will like what you see!

This is being done without Steven knowing, but once he sees an influx of donations between now and Midnight tomorrow, the only one scared on Friday the 13th, will be Levy’s Democrat opponent.  

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