“Step One” by Holly Robichaud

One of Holly’s 2 new blog posts at the Boston Herald website continues her theme that we’re discussing in another thread but here’s a couple of new items that she’s tossed out as suggestions as to how we can best move forward as a Party now that the questions as to who will be our US Senate candidate have been answered.

The first step they must take is getting over their Ognowski debacle.  They can do this by having Jim endorse Jeff Beatty on Monday.  There is no sense in crying over split milk.  They need to move on and unify behind Beatty.

It would also be nice if the Party used their influence to have Governor Romney now do a fundraiser for Jeff.


Holly writes that she’d like to see these things happen by Monday and well, I’ll agree and say that I wish these has been done yesterday.  

Regardless of the scheduling, I certainly hope that they DO happen!  We need full unity behind Jeff Beatty for US Senate so that we can defeat John Forbes Kerry!

Holly’s entire blog is available at “Step One” by Holly Robichaud.  

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