Sen Jim Marzilli fools BMG, Globe, Deval and Dems.

Let’s for one moment get past the “innocent until proven guilty” stuff and assume that Sen. Jim Marzilli is guilty of all the outrageous things he has been accused of over the last few months.  Numerous accusations of sexual assault, resisting arrest, lewd and lascivious acts, giving false names to the police, and any number of other acts of misconduct.  The question that comes to mind is how the hell did he fool BlueMassGroup, The Boston Globe, Deval Patrick and the Democrats at large – all of whom endorsed him in his most recent pursuit for elected office just a few short months ago.

To begin – BMG quotes an endorsement from the Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters (MLEV) and states that Marzilli’s “strong protecting families from toxics”.  Apparantly the toxics that families need protection from is Marzilli himself.  The endorsement goes on to suggest that Marzilli is to be commended for “safeguarding our parks” – how ironic.  Read the endorsement here:…

Our own Governor Deval made a bold move to endorse Marzilli during a primary, no less.  Again BMG was quick to show and tell and the Governor is quoted as saying:

In this important race, I’m hoping you will join me in supporting Jim Marzilli, who was an important partner to me in my own campaign and has helped to guide my decision making as Governor.

What kind of guide in decision making can a man be that was arrested in a fashion reminiscent of the season finale of COPS?  Read Deval Patrick’s endorsement here:…

Then the Boston Globe offers up an endorsement of their own in what BMG describes as one of the most powerful Boston Globe endorsements ever.  Read it here:…

Marzilli has also been a strong advocate for people who barely get by in this affluent state. Sound social values combined with a seasoned commitment to local empowerment make him the clear choice to gain the Democratic nomination for state Senate.

I guess we now know what the Boston Globe thinks are “sound social values combined with local empowerment”.  It means Marzilli could feel comfortable making moves on unsuspecting women while they walk down the street.

Through it all BlueMassGrope has been right behind the DEMOCRAT state Senator all the way.  His first incident in April should have been a warning flag, but low and behold the lefties came marching out to his support.  “Innocent until proven guilty” was their mantra and a now obvious sexual predator has made his move again not once, but numerous times.  I think Deval Patrick, BlueMassGrope, The Boston Grope and the Democrats all share part of the blame for elevating a man with serious mental, sexual and emotional problems to represent the good people of Massachusetts.  With them should be the blundering law enforcement idiots that refused, or were unable, to make a case in the first incident two months ago.  Now a number of innocent women walk in fear for their lives and the state of Massachusetts has suffered yet another embarrassing political figure.  Alas, lest we forget the judge who has allowed Jim Marzilli to walk out of court with $1,500 bail.

If, as Obama says, the country is ready for change then let it begin with us.  Let it begin with a strong intolerance of sexual predators and political hacks that molest women.  Let it begin with people refusing to believe everything the Boston Grope tells us.  Let it be with strong laws regarding sexual predators and a refusal to grant them more rights and privileges then the victims themselves.  Let’s stop the moonbats from watering down legislation aimed at protecting the women and children of our society – sadly and ironically from the very men charged with making the laws.

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