Sal Dimasi Says, No Income Tax Repeal for You!

According the the MetroWest Daily News, King Sal Dimasi of the North End has stated that even if passed by the voters the income tax isn’t going away.  

House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi said he does not see the state carrying out a repeal of the income tax – even if voters approve the binding ballot measure in November.

“I’m against doing it and I find myself hard-pressed to say that I would try to completely implement an elimination of the income tax,” DiMasi told a Daily News editorial board yesterday.

“I can’t see myself doing that in the future, but I know people are hurting and I know people want to send a message maybe at some point in time that their taxes are too high.”

The citizen-sponsored initiative to repeal the state’s 5.3 percent income tax has cleared the initial hurdles and will appear on the ballot this fall as long as its sponsor, Wayland-based Campaign for Small Government, collects 11,099 signatures by next Wednesday.

All the more reason we as a party should support this.  We can win seats based on our support.  King Sal has given us a common enemy to run against.  

It’s better to see in person.

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  • nomad943

    But Sal .. with all due respect, we all dont get to vote on you 🙂  … lol … what a schlump

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    What did you expect from this fat little meatball?  Did you think he was going to respect the wishes of the voters?  Come one, we have been down this road before and it leads nowhere.  Self government in Massachusetts is a dead end street.

  • Knightbrigade

    I..talian and knowing plenty of King Sal’s constituents, I can say “meatball” is an acceptable term of endearment to describe the “KING”.

    “PORK CHOP” is also nice because it can combine physical and fiscal qualities into one big joke.

    Anyway the most used description overheard in conversations referring to King Sal is mameluke, go figure.