Real men don’t walk away from the babies By Bill Cosby

Sorry I couldn’t help but share (again) the importance of fathers supporting women and children, mainly in cities like Lowell/Lawrence and New Bedford/Fall River

Real men don’t walk away from the babies

“No one can speak honestly of black family hardships without addressing the issue of the estrangement of “unwed fathers” from their children. Real men do not walk away from the mothers of their babies. A father is expected to help take care of his children, but some of these men have trouble taking care of themselves. The more socially impotent black men are feeling, the more they will rely on sexual conquests to prove their manliness. But having drive-by babies whom they abandon only reflects their insecurity.”

“Thankfully, some African-American men are already confronting the father-child estrangement. They have formed organizations, such as Concerned Black Men, to serve as mentors for young black males. Civil rights and faith-based groups have developed “black male responsibility” projects. National organizations, including the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, reach out to young black males, keeping them on the path to achievement. Government policies supporting fathers, such as the earned income tax credit, are also important. All these efforts deserve our whole-hearted support for the good of America.”

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