Patrick presents plans for education

(I have not read the report yet.  The 16 year olds graduating and getting free college for each year they graduate early was an idea that Newt Gingrich talked about at a conference I was at.  I like that idea. Heck I would have been able to do that.   – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

From the Boston Globe…

Governor Deval Patrick unveiled the first wave of his sweeping education changes yesterday, including universal prekindergarten, full-day kindergarten for all students, and a drop-out prevention program. But how he will pay for those and other initiatives proposed in his Readiness Project will remain a mystery until November.

“Teachers in too many schools are using their own money for basic materials, and parents are paying added fees for school band, for academic clubs, and sports experiences that round out a child’s education,” Patrick said. “We can’t let that reality go unaddressed.”

I don’t think that should be the taxpayers responsibility.

One thing I did like was allowing 16 year olds to graduate and go off to community college.

I don’t like the idea of social workers being active in every school, social workers might have to work with a family and work with a child’s teacher but they shouldn’t be active within the school itself.  

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