On Notice!

(She’s probably still reeling from the legal action taken by the State Committee for her unauthorized use of the phrase Massachusetts Republican without a charter.  

I have contacted Reed Hillman.  I asked, “Quick question, someone on Red Mass Group said you fired Holly Robichaud a few weeks before you won your state rep seat.  Is that true?”

His response, “Absolutely not!”. – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

It appears that Holly Robichaud has put the State Committee on notice that she is going to be watching & blogging about its (our) decisions and opinions.

I don’t necessarily have a problem with eagle eyed reporting as well, I suppose it’s to be expected.  Indeed, it can be a good thing.  I just wonder what, if any, angle there is behind it.  

I am not letting this go!  There is going to be accountability for failures.  It is not going to swept under the rug.  For all those state committee members who want to protect incompetency you can expect to be reading about it right here.  That’s right I am going to blog and post about everyone of you who thinks things are just fine.  For example one person this morning emailed me that “Rome was not built in a day.”  Are you kidding me?  Have you not witnessed us losing all the special elections?

Watch out!  You are going to be exposed!!!!

Let’s be honest here, candidate recruitment, special election victories, and fundraising have not been where most of us would prefer.  Holly is entirely correct!

However, I think Chairman Torkildsen has done a solid job in trying to give us the tools necessary to rebuild our committees & support our candidates, as evidenced by the recent RTC conference and the campaign training school held down here in Dartmouth & others across the Commonwealth.  What we need to ask ourselves is what will we…the candidates, the RTC officers/members, and registered Republicans – we the MassGOP – do with the education?

Furthermore, we’ve seen a reconstituted & reinvigorated Issues & Public Relations committees (I happen to sit upon both of them and we have a joint meeting on June 19).  We’ve also stepped into the 21st century in terms of embracing technology.  The State Committee, as it stands today, is a different animal than it was event just a year ago.  We’ve had a tremendous turnover and well, I believe – and perhaps this is my still 29-years-old for another week naivety but – that this big ship is turning around.

I was chairman of the Dartmouth RTC for 6 years (2002-2008, a member since 2000) and only a State Committee member for a little over a year.  From the local level looking on up towards Boston, I’ve found the current staff up on Merrimac Street to be the most responsive and interactive that I’ve worked with over these past several years.  As a side note, I’ve probably known Holly during this time period longer than I’ve known just about anyone else involved with the MassGOP & who wasn’t a local SouthCoast Republican.

I’m not here to defend our chairman, our HQ staff, or anybody else but I do think we need to keep a broader view of the complex situation.  I believe that most of our problems do not reside up at the Boston HQ but are across the Commonwealth.  We have seen the enemy, and he is us.  It’s the inertia and complacency found among far too many registered Republicans.  We see it when we cast a net for volunteers.  We see it with the struggle to fundraise.  We see it when it’s rocky ground to recruit new committee members.  It’s simply the Massachusetts environment for Republicans & that’s why we keep fighting the good fight & trying to effect change, no matter how difficult it is at times.

Yes, there is room for improvement.  There always is.  WE could be better up & down the chain of command.  Yes, we’ve come a long way, but we’ve still got a long, long way to go.  I believe, and I can be crucified for it or not, but I think we’re making incremental progress.  That being said, like anyone, I want the big Hail Mary pass into the end zone for a sweeping victory over night.  However, I’m not holding my breath either.  Until then, I’ll continue & I hope everyone will join me in laboring in the fields to build a bigger, better, & stronger MassGOP.  

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