On Notice!

(She’s probably still reeling from the legal action taken by the State Committee for her unauthorized use of the phrase Massachusetts Republican without a charter.  

I have contacted Reed Hillman.  I asked, “Quick question, someone on Red Mass Group said you fired Holly Robichaud a few weeks before you won your state rep seat.  Is that true?”

His response, “Absolutely not!”. – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

It appears that Holly Robichaud has put the State Committee on notice that she is going to be watching & blogging about its (our) decisions and opinions.

I don’t necessarily have a problem with eagle eyed reporting as well, I suppose it’s to be expected.  Indeed, it can be a good thing.  I just wonder what, if any, angle there is behind it.  

I am not letting this go!  There is going to be accountability for failures.  It is not going to swept under the rug.  For all those state committee members who want to protect incompetency you can expect to be reading about it right here.  That’s right I am going to blog and post about everyone of you who thinks things are just fine.  For example one person this morning emailed me that “Rome was not built in a day.”  Are you kidding me?  Have you not witnessed us losing all the special elections?

Watch out!  You are going to be exposed!!!!

Let’s be honest here, candidate recruitment, special election victories, and fundraising have not been where most of us would prefer.  Holly is entirely correct!

However, I think Chairman Torkildsen has done a solid job in trying to give us the tools necessary to rebuild our committees & support our candidates, as evidenced by the recent RTC conference and the campaign training school held down here in Dartmouth & others across the Commonwealth.  What we need to ask ourselves is what will we…the candidates, the RTC officers/members, and registered Republicans – we the MassGOP – do with the education?

Furthermore, we’ve seen a reconstituted & reinvigorated Issues & Public Relations committees (I happen to sit upon both of them and we have a joint meeting on June 19).  We’ve also stepped into the 21st century in terms of embracing technology.  The State Committee, as it stands today, is a different animal than it was event just a year ago.  We’ve had a tremendous turnover and well, I believe – and perhaps this is my still 29-years-old for another week naivety but – that this big ship is turning around.

I was chairman of the Dartmouth RTC for 6 years (2002-2008, a member since 2000) and only a State Committee member for a little over a year.  From the local level looking on up towards Boston, I’ve found the current staff up on Merrimac Street to be the most responsive and interactive that I’ve worked with over these past several years.  As a side note, I’ve probably known Holly during this time period longer than I’ve known just about anyone else involved with the MassGOP & who wasn’t a local SouthCoast Republican.

I’m not here to defend our chairman, our HQ staff, or anybody else but I do think we need to keep a broader view of the complex situation.  I believe that most of our problems do not reside up at the Boston HQ but are across the Commonwealth.  We have seen the enemy, and he is us.  It’s the inertia and complacency found among far too many registered Republicans.  We see it when we cast a net for volunteers.  We see it with the struggle to fundraise.  We see it when it’s rocky ground to recruit new committee members.  It’s simply the Massachusetts environment for Republicans & that’s why we keep fighting the good fight & trying to effect change, no matter how difficult it is at times.

Yes, there is room for improvement.  There always is.  WE could be better up & down the chain of command.  Yes, we’ve come a long way, but we’ve still got a long, long way to go.  I believe, and I can be crucified for it or not, but I think we’re making incremental progress.  That being said, like anyone, I want the big Hail Mary pass into the end zone for a sweeping victory over night.  However, I’m not holding my breath either.  Until then, I’ll continue & I hope everyone will join me in laboring in the fields to build a bigger, better, & stronger MassGOP.  

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  • I should’ve posted the link in the main text but I’m running late for work as it is so here goes: .

    Here’s hoping that we have an a good, sincere, and constructive discussion.  

    Let me reiterate, I believe that for all the problems there may be up at the head, the rest of the body needs work as well.  We have a cultural as much as a strategic or tactical problem here in Massachusetts.  It’s a problem for hearts & minds that I am eager to continue with my modest fight as a Republican in the arena.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    First, let me say that I think Chairman Torkildson is doing a good job and we have yet to see the fruits of his labor.  It’s only been about a year since he took control of the state GOP.  This coming year’s results will tell if he has the stuff to lead the party out of the existing mess it is in.  I wish him luck.  The state committee is another story.  I have been disappointed in the members I have met over the years.  That disappointment is a result of the state committee’s lack of presence to lack of leadership.

    Second, it would be nice to lay the blame for the party performance at the feet of the lay person spread out across the commonwealth, but if they aren’t excited and energized it is a direct reflection of the party leadership at both the town and state level.  Having once been a member of the local RTC (and for a very short time Chairman) I know firsthand how hard it is to get people motivated to move forward for the GOP.  I sponsored events that people (including the committee) just never showed up for.  There is always something more important for people to be involved with – the kid’s soccer; grocery shopping, going to the dump, painting the garage, mowing the lawn, etc.  Somehow the party needs to make people understand how important local activism is to the entire process of self government.  The GOP needs to get the “self” involved in “self-government”.  Until that time occurs the leadership of the GOP will continue to burn itself out working ever harder to reach the dwindling few.

    Third, I have stated before that there needs to be a paradigm change in how the GOP operates.  Everything around us is changing at the speed of light including technology, process, global markets and environments, manufacturing, etc.  Yet, with rare exception the GOP seems steadfast in its determination to do things the “good” old way.  I can tell you for sure that the last 7 words of any organization are “We never did it that way before”.  The GOP needs to make it easier for people to be a part of the process.  So many of us are so busy that the last thing we want to do, given a free moment, is do cold calls or write letters to neighbors we hardly know.  Yet, that is exactly what is asked of us.  That may have worked 25 years ago when everyone knew their neighbor, but today neighbors come and go like the wind.  Furthermore, fewer people actually answer the phone due to caller-ID and other technologies that allow the receiver to screen the calls.

    Lastly, I don’t know Holly Robichaud from a hole in the wall, but she is doing the party a favor by taking a good hard look at what is happening in the party.  If there is complacency and recklessness among the leaders of the state GOP then it must be exposed and fixed.  She sees a political party on life support and the only thing the party seems to know to do is check the pulse or prescribe two aspirins – and she is frustrated.  If the state GOP were a real patient the Doctors would be clearing everyone so they could apply the defibrillator paddles.  You are all familiar with my story and how the same frustration led me to leave the party after 25 years.  I rarely support candidates, unless they are friends, and I never ever give money to the GOP anymore.  That may change one day, but not until and unless things change.  So now that I think about it, maybe I do know Holly quite well.

    Good luck to both Holly and the state GOP.

  • BrocktonDave

    But I think she has some very good ideas.  I welcome someone talking about the issues, and how to fix them.  But someone who complains about a situation but does not try to offer a solution is just a complainer.  I don’t think she is this way, but it seems like it right now.  She seems a little bitter sometimes.  I just hope she shines the light on everyone and not just the people she personally doesn’t like.  Maybe she would be objective about everyone, but I don’t really think so (for the record, my dog’s names are Ambush, and Tyson).

    And another idea.  The Whitman RTC has two scholarships.  It gets that Chairman in the news when he gives it to a graduating senior every year.  It isn’t much but Whitman has a majority Republican representation on their board of selectmen.

  • Ken Pittman

    She will be making an appearance on my show on friday June 13th to discuss this.

  • I guess I just find this whole thing very odd and hostile.

    While I certainly don’t disagree with her that there are some members of the state committee that just don’t belong, this just seems a bit weird coming from Holly.  I mean, I can’t really remember her last big election victory, it’s not like she is Karl Rove, she lost a Lt. Governor race, and why is she saying this now?  

    So to me there needs to be a larger motive at play here, and I don’t know what it is.  Does Holly want to be Chairman?  Is that really in the best interest of the MassGOP just a few months away from election day?  

  • isn’t this one of the things that we believe in as conservatives? We should closely watch the the leaders of the party and call them on the carpet for their indiscretions, not just support them no matter what.

    The leaders of the Party are like football coaches, after practice the only thing they can do is motivate their players for the game. After the game they should correct mistakes so they wont be repeated. Then they should get the players prepared for the next game. If the mistakes weren’t corrected the team will surely lose. But before the Party leaders can correct mistakes they must acknowledge that mistakes were made and come up with a plan to rectify the situation. In the case of the MASSGOP the problem lies in the game plan not it’s execution.

    We cannot continue to go along to get along. We should not be concerned with whether or not the liberals like us. We need to stick to our convictions and be honest and articulate about what we believe to be the right things for Massachusetts and if we do that, I truly believe that most people will agree with us.  

  • 3 Things We need to Focus on as a Party

    #1 Focus on LOCAL elections, Selectman, School Committee City Council. They are the future higher office holders and their friend and family will bolster our ranks.

    #2 Train every activist in Massachusetts to know the proper methodology for campaigning and fundraising. The more we know, the more effective we will all be. There are no hidden tricks and knowledge should be shared.

    #3 Fundraise at both the local and higher levels, both small dollar AND high dollar.

    Holly can point fingers all she wants, it seems to be all she can do.

    There is an old Chinese Proverb. “First you fix the problem, then, once the crisis is averted, there will be plenty of time to lay blame.”

    Priorities matter.  

  • Farmer Fred. That’s who her candidate lost to in the Vermont GOP senatorial primary some years back. Farmer “I’m a publicity stunt for an indie movie” Fred.

    Holly is among the malcontents who are great at throwing stones but lousy at offering solutions. “Throw the bums out” isn’t always the best solution.

    I need to make one controversial point very clear… failure to recruit candidates is not just a failure at the state committee level, it’s largely a failure at the LOCAL level. Town committees in my observation love to get together and gripe and groan and say a lot about what should be happening, but don’t translate that into action. If there’s no one challenging your state rep or senator, don’t look to Boston to lay the blame. Physician heal thyself.

    You know your community better than the staff on Merrimac St. does. You should be sending names of potential candidates to the staff, who can then bring them up to Beacon Hill to meet some influencers who can help close the deal. But they’re closers, not bookers. There’s a party structure for a reason and it’s failing at EVERY level, not just the state committee.

    I don’t know how many times I’ve heard town committee chairmen say things like “no one can beat so-and-so,” and “rep whosit’s family is too powerful to challenge” and even “he’s really a Republican, he just registers Democrat because he has to,” and my personal, all-time favorite, “we’d rather stick with the Democrat from our town than support the Republican from another town in the district, because we need the local aid help.”

    To the people who post here: you get it, I know you do. To those who lurk and read but don’t participate in the discussions, please let me say, with as much fondness and affection as I possibly can: get off your duff and make a difference.

  • Let’s point out that Holly mailed a “how to start a winning campaign” letter to I don’t know how many people, to drum up business for her “Tuesday Associates” consutancy. The only problem with the content of the letter is that it was plagiarized from former “Campaigns & Elections” editor Ron Faucheaux’s article written in 1997, and later used as chapter two in his 2002 book “Running For Office.”

    There a re lots of people to whom I’d give the benefit of the doubt. Holly Robichaud isn’t one of them.

  • wavemaker

    someone can complain about. Heck, everyone here has already plowed the ground that Holly weeds at least a dozen times in just thelast six months alone.

    But the idea that a guy who took over the chairman’s job less than a year ago can be held personally responsible for not turning things around instantly is absurd.

    Anyone who knows the facts and still points the finger at ONE PERSON has a personal grudge.

    I didn’t know about this plagiarism thing — was there any publicity about it?

  • Few relevant points:

    1. Congratulations to jeff beatty.  Excellent candidate, a true patriot!  It is his time.

    2.  backing into the discussion started 2 days ago:

    •Holly Robichaud won the last two Republican races in MA-Barrows & Coppola. Barrows was the only winner in the northeast. She also won Hillman, Gifford and gave the winning strategy for Lepper and Peterson during their first two victories.

    •Bottom-line: equating to 20 winning races in the past 4 years, that’s her record.

    The record speaks for itself. Can’t argue with the facts.  My advice,  the winning strategic direction for the party needs to be at least consulted on with the professionals like her, who are actually winning races, if not totally navigated by the professionals w/ the proven record.

    You, me, everyone else can think and say whatever they want about Holly.  In the end, if we want to win a race, I know who I’m calling.  Tuesday Associates, thank you very much.

    Here’s the right time to do whatever needs to be done to break bread, sit down face to face in the same room and get her involved.

    Break bread, become that cohesive structure we so need to be.  Takes guts to stick your neck out.  And backing off some pride, but in the end if we want to do what is right for the party we need to “get it together”.

    I believe brighter days are ahead.  It’s just a matter of the path we are going to choose.  We’ll get there.

  • I hope Holly Robichaud reads the blog i have a few things to say to her on Pittmans show.Somehow Ill find away to call into his show .