McCain campaigns in deeply blue Mass. in bipartisan display

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By Glen Johnson

AP Political Writer / June 11, 2008

BOSTON-Republican John McCain came to the bluest of Democratic states Wednesday — and heaped praise on former rival Mitt Romney — in what he said was a display of the bipartisanship and friendliness he hopes to exhibit if he is elected president this fall.

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The Arizona senator, addressing several hundred at a fundraiser that took in $2 million for his campaign, said partisan gridlock has paralyzed any sensible decision-making back on Capitol Hill. He described calling into the Senate floor recently, only to learn a 400-page volume was being read aloud as a stalling tactic.

“I know this is a tough state for us to win in. I’ll give you some straight talk; it’s a tough state for us to win in. But I want to go everywhere,” the GOP nominee-in-waiting said.

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