Lower Cig Prices?

Does anyone understand why Altria wouldn’t want to be able to lower tobacco prices in the Commonwealth?  I would assume that a pack of cigs is overpriced here now and so why wouldn’t they want lower prices?  I am confused.  


There’s a bill on Beacon Hill to eliminate the minimum price stores can charge for cigarettes.

The Massachusetts Retailers Association favors the bill but curiously the New England Convenience Store Association is against it. Generally, the two retail associations agree when it comes to measures that level the playing field for mom-and-pop stores, as supporters say eliminating the minimum cigarette price will do.

If you check out the convenience store association’s Web site, there’s a clue as to why that organization might not be fully behind cutting the price of smokes: One of its main sponsors is Altria – the parent company of Big Tobacco kingpin Philip Morris.

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