Letter from CJ Ferry, Candidate for 7th Bristol District State Representative

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Will you help me help my friend, CJ Ferry of Fall River, the Republican candidate for State Representative here in the SouthCoast?!

                                                                                                                             June 9, 2008

My Dearest Family and Friends,

As you know, I have decided to run for State Representative of the Seventh Bristol District here in Fall River, Massachusetts. After having accomplished the difficult task of getting on the ballot for the November election, I have been out and about meeting the people of my District and discussing the issues that concern them most.

The hot button topics are jobs, taxes and accountability. My opponent is not speaking of these issues, so I must.

This is the difficult part of any campaign, I have to ask you, my friends, family and business associates for a major favor in these difficult times, a financial contribution. The most difficult part of any campaign is getting the word out, and making sure that my constituents understand that I stand for the same kitchen table issues that they do. Funds are always needed for advertising, printing, postage, and telephones. May I ask for your help with a contribution? The most important part of the election season is almost upon us. Your generous gift will go a long way in helping me beat my opponent to the finish line on Election Day.*

I guarantee your money won’t be wasted on overhead or fancy salaries. My campaign is entirely made up of volunteers. Making a contribution is easy, go to www.cjferry.com and click “donate now” or simply send a check to:

Friends of CJ Ferry

300 Buffinton St.

Fall River, MA 02721

This letter was probably the hardest thing I could do to my friends by putting you all on the spot, but I know you trust me and my decisions and I hope you will support me and my campaign regardless of your party affiliation.


CJ Ferry

P.S.      This request is very urgent, “Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today”,

And Thanks again for your support.

* Massachusetts Campaign Finance Law states contributions to a candidate is limited to $500 per individual donor per year.

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