Boston Herald: Deval’s pod people left in lurch

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The governor’s weekly online addresses have ground to a halt, with the last one being posted on May 1, and that was merely audio from a Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce speech.

Sharp-tongued state Republican Party spokesman Barney Keller was quick to pounce: “I’m sure the guy who listened to it will be very disappointed to hear of its demise

I used to download these speeches via iTunes & then I just this morning that I have how dozens of these things downloaded, actually dozens that for some reason iTunes had yet to download, and I had never, ever listened to a single one.  Talk about a major waste of hard drive & back-up CD space!

Red snub, blue snub

Selection of state party delegates for the national political conventions was especially nasty this year. On the Republican side, former state GOP chairman Darrell Crate was left out in the cold, as was Treasurer Tim Cahill on the Democratic side. Also snubbed by the Dems was attorney Margaret Xifaras, a longtime state committee member who had been a delegate to the Democratic National Committee for 28 years.

This tidbit actually interested me quite a bit more as well, I attended our last State Committee meeting & I live in New Bedford so I not only read about, but I posted here, about Mardee Xifaras.  I can’t vouch for the Democratic side but while our meeting and its vote seemingly took an eternity, and neither the Romney nor McCain the slates passed 100% as originally presented, I didn’t perceive anything to be “nasty” about it.

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