A Challenge for Mass Republicans

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This is a challenge I sent to my fellow State Committee members a few days ago. Now I’d like to issue it here…

There’s certainly been some interesting chit chat in the press about how well we party activists are or are not doing our jobs.

– Some say we Republicans have no support.

– Some say we can’t field good candidates.

– Some say the GOP is dead in Massachusetts.

Well, I say they are wrong!

I say that, like any tree, our strength lies not at the top but at the base where our roots run deep, but are often never seen. Our roots lie in towns like Hubbardston and Shirley and the cities and towns all across this great Commonwealth. We are proud and we must stand together, as the true party of change. That change starts with us.

As party activists, our job is to support good candidates for public office. It is up to us to help raise awareness and build our base to get candidates elected. It requires time and it requires money.

I am asking each RTC, Ward Committee, and activist organization to get behind a unity drive to help our only state-wide candidate, Jeff Beatty. As our candidate for US Senate, he has energized the base and demonstrates the ability to defeat John Forbes Kerry.

I am asking everyone to step up and get involved and become part of the team as we march on the road to victory 08.

Here is the challenge. I’m asking each of you to please contact your town chairs and elected officials. Ask each town to raise a minimum of $500 over the next two weeks for Jeff Beatty. The money will go to buy lawn signs and bumper stickers and it will demonstrate our Republican roots to the rest of the world — our Republican pride and our Republican resolve.

Please make checks out to:

Beatty for Senate

PO Box 1599

Harwich MA 02645

Or better yet, donate online at http://www.jeffbeatty.com

As one Shrewsbury RTC member said last night:

“A bumper sticker costs $1.00, a lawn sign costs $2.50…John Kerry’s concession speech…PRICELESS!”

Please do your best to make a few phone calls by the end of the month so we can give Jeff a great start to the summer season. Shrewsbury donated $500 to Jeff Beatty, then individual members donated another $600, for a total of $1,100. The Shrewsbury RTC also donated $500 to John Lebeaux’s campaign for State Senate in the 2nd Worcester District.

Let’s show the world we’re united as the Massachusetts Republican Party!  

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