Secretary of State’s office is saying that Ogonowski may be short on signatures?

With all the signatures submitted by the campaigns and the exhaustive certification process winding down, Ogonowski still needs at least 259 certified signatures to qualify for the September primary. But even that estimate is low, because he is expected to need a cushion of up to 1,000 more to withstand challenges to the validity of individual signatures that are sure to be mounted by his rival in the GOP primary, Jeff Beatty.

This would be the biggest egg-on-face event of the year — especially with him having his Mitt Romney $1,000-a-plate fundraiser tonight.

And I don’t care to hear any carping about Beatty being poised to challenge signatures. If the Ogo camp leaves itself open to such a challenge, it deserves the hassle.

And he still has no issues page on his website.

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