What Media Bias? Globe becomes Parody of itself.

The Boston Globe continues to be a parody of itself.  While the Herald runs with the story of corruption on Beacon Hill in the General Court, the Globe gives the speaker love with it’s two major political headlines.  “Mass GOP losing ground” reads a front page headline in the Globe/

n the two election cycles since 2004, as Massachusetts Republicans lost the governor’s office, every congressional race they contested, and a net of five seats in the Legislature, it was tough to imagine that things could get any worse for the chronically beleaguered state GOP.

But they have. Measured by its ability to field candidates, the Republican Party in Massachusetts is weaker than ever. While the state’s top Democrats have few major legislative victories to point to, despite having a lock on Beacon Hill, Republicans are contesting only 29 percent of the 200 legislative seats in November, according to a preliminary list compiled by the secretary of state’s office.

First off as Republicanvoices mentioned the Secretary of State’s list is not complete.  Second was this really the top political story of the day. It seems to me that the Globe is running cover for the Democrats, and it’s pretty obvious. Finally, we have truly focused on quality this year not quantity.  We will pick up seats.  

Secondly the Globe’s angle on the DiMasi story is laughable.  Our friends at the boring broadsheet are running cover for Dimasi.  The headline screams “Backers Rally to Speakers Defense.”

Key supporters of House Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi came to his defense yesterday, seeking to fend off reports that he took legislative action that benefited his friends, while also trying to thwart attempts by representatives plotting to succeed him if he vacates his post.

more stories like this

During a day of political fallout concerning the speaker, little attention was paid to passing a $28 billion budget, and almost all focus was on DiMasi. The speaker, who had quelled speculation earlier this year about his possible departure, found himself again at the center of speculation about his future.

“The speaker has been very clear,” Representative Byron Rushing, the fourth-ranking Democrat in the House, said at a press conference yesterday. “He plans to be speaker and serve out his term.”

Still, supporters of Representative Robert A. DeLeo, the House Ways and Means Committee chairman, have started compiling a list of supporters in case DiMasi leaves. In response, supporters of the House majority leader, John H. Rogers, have started their own campaign, the members said.

“It’s a distraction,” said Representative Lida Harkins, the assistant majority leader, speaking at the same press conference. “And the speaker doesn’t like it.”

If the Globe keeps this up they are going to become more and more a parody of themselves.  

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