What are your values? Explore options or starve Americans

Festus Gravy has made the argument of late that America should not drill any of its own oil, but depend entirely on oil from the troubled and explosive middle east.  He would rather see the high cost of oil starve Americans rather than have America raise the price of food abroad.  The high cost of oil is slowly starving the American public.  Food prices continue to rise not only from mandates on ethanol production, but from the high cost of transporting the food to local grocers.  America is slowly starving.

I made the argument that we should explore several types of remedies to the oil problem including drilling in ANWR, off the south coast of Florida, explore alternative energies including wind and solar and rethink our driving habits.  Festus thinks those things are mean-spirited and he thinks I am a big bad bully.  He thinks I am a brute and wants to give me such a pinch…

Festus believes that the middle east deserves to make big profits from us and get our food as well because he hates America and everyone in it.

So tell me what you think – should America starve or should we seek alternative supplies of fuel?  

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