What are your values? Drive Slower or Starve People?

So V3PN has a simple solution to our oil problem: starve the Saudi’s until they pump more oil to lower prices.

Let’s ignore the fact that this wouldn’t work even if we tried.  Do you think this is a good and moral idea?  Or do you think that V3PN represents the worst kind of character our great nation has?

As an alternative to starving people to producing more oil, I’d like to highlight an experiment I did (and have since adopted because of the results) of driving a little slower on the highway.  I know all the reasons not to do this, but the biggest one–lose of time–had very little impact on my rush hour commute.  

Now, if everyone took it as their individual responsibility to stop relying on Middle East oil and drove a little slower, we would save about A BILLION BARRELS of oil each year–about what we import from all of the Middle East.

I wouldn’t expect people here to agree with me (and some may disagree just on principle), but is your solution to reducing our reliance on oil, that finances terrorists who want to kill us, closer to driving slower, or do you lean towards tactics like starving people…or maybe spending a few trillion dollars and seize a couple more oil producing countries at the cost of several thousand more troops?  

Just wondering.  

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