Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Office of Citizen’s un-Information

I finally received a phone call back from Brian McNiff the Press person in the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Office after 4 phone calls.  I asked him if he could share with me the updated numbers from the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s computer system for both Jim Ogonowski and Jeff Beatty.  He said he had no update from the numbers he gave the Globe on Monday.  When I pressed him for numbers he said ask the “State Committee”, I guess he meant the Republican State Committee.  I told him they just get the numbers from your office so could you please just share them with me. He refused again.  

I then asked Mr. McNiff why he could share them with the Globe on Monday but wouldn’t share them with me.  He said he didn’t have them.  I asked him nicely if he could get them for me. He said it’s not something they normally do and that I should really ask the “state committee”.  

Finally I point blank told him that it was ok to share the numbers with the Boston Globe for publication on the day of a $1000 a head fundraiser with Mitt Romney but not with me.  He promptly said “that’s not what we did,” and hung up on me.  But Brian it is what you did.

It seems to me that the office responsible in the Commonwealth for providing the citizenry information would be more forthcoming with it.  But if it doesn’t help the powerful I guess you don’t get it.

Feel free to call the Secretary of State’s office at 617-727-7030 to get the numbers if you can.  

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