Reminder It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday

Counter-cultural Motherhood by Kate Bluett

in the face of disagreement from strident feminists, disappointed bosses, and disapproving family members, that the choice to be a mother is the right one. That doing good for the ones you love is a valid way for a woman to spend her life. That by making life secure for even one child, you are making the world a better place.

Faith in a God who has ordained in nature the roles of mother and father helps, too-it is something to cling to when the workaday world is too busy with work (how much energy we spend on trivialities!) to concern itself with the important things in life: love and family.

And that’s the ultimate faith every mother needs: The belief that family and love are the most important things in the world, and that no other achievements mean anything beside motherhood or can measure up against it. Whether she works in the home or outside it, a mother must believe that her motherhood is still the height of feminine achievement, the goal that gives meaning to her life. She must cling to the faith that even today, motherhood is still necessary and far from optional.

Thoughts later… on this.  

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