“No More Oil” says Saudis

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Bush traveled to King Abdullah’s world this week to “beg” for more oil production in an effort to reduce the difficult economic times brought about by high oil prices.  Basically, the King said “no”.

Aside from being an embarrassment to have to beg for oil Bush walked away without a reasonable plan in place.  Our esteemed leader will come home with his tail tucked between his legs and tell the American citizens that they will just have to suck it up for a while.  Thanks for nothing “W”. (I think the “W” stands for “W”oefully incompetent)

I guess Bush was not in class the day they taught about supply and demand.  You see, the United States is the breadbasket of the world.  We make and export more food than any other country in the world.  We are to food what Saudi Arabia is to oil.  Knowing that, wouldn’t it have been a decent plan to tell the towel head king that unless he starts increasing the oil supply he may not get his food supplies.  Aside from oil (and terrorism) Saudi Arabia doesn’t produce much.  They certainly don’t produce food because most of their region is a vast swath of dust.  This may come as a surprise to people , but I have no problem with letting the people of the middle east starve to death because they won’t play nice.  

Were I George “W” Bush I would have made it very clear that the supply of wheat, corn and soybean is going to drop due to the limitations placed on farmers by high oil prices.  I would also have made it clear that the Saudis wouldn’t be buying any military weapons anymore due to high oil prices.

Then I would have hightailed it to Mexico and delivered the same message.  Mexico supplies about 10% of our oil and unless they make things a bit more affordable we will start building that fence along the border 700 miles long and 2 miles high.  A fence that big will not allow our leading importer of food to get anything in the near future.  Furthermore, I would promise to start returning Mexico’s largest export – illegal immigrants and drugs dealers (all 30 million of them).  I would start building the fence anyway, but I would use oil as a reason to kick it into high gear.

The points I want to make clear are this: 1) Bush is a nincompoop and a twit. 2) Bush has no idea how to negotiate. 3) As long as we control the world’s food we control the world. 4) Bush is a nincompoop. (I know I said that already, but I couldn’t resist saying it again. 5) The US Congress should be told in no uncertain terms that a new energy policy that includes wind, alternative energy, solar and the drilling on ANWR and in the offshore regions of the south coast is a MUST for the security of the US and needs to be complete in 60 days. 6) The American drivers must make a concerted effort to find ways to reduce their dependency on foreign oil – no questions asked.

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