New Bedford Republicans Urge GOP Senate Hopefuls to Debate

As I converse and share campaign anecdotes with various grassroots Republican activists in our SouthCoast area, there seems to be a collective desire to help draw more distinct differences between our two GOP Senate hopefuls, Mr. Jim Ogonowski and Mr. Jeff Beatty.  Although we in the SouthCoast have been fortunate to have been visited multiple times by the Beatty Campaign, we’ve yet to see any Ogonowski representatives in the New Bedford-Fall River area.  Many have asked that despite the strong support Beatty has accrued in the Cape area and in SouthCoast, what are the key differences between these two candidates? (we’ve learned that Mr. Ogonowski is Pro-Choice and Mr. Beatty is Pro-Life).

Has anyone learned of any opportunity for a debate?  Like all of you, we want to make certain that the strongest GOP candidate is allowed to face John Kerry on behalf of our Party.

I had the pleasure of being invited to join the Jeff Beatty for US Senate campaign celebration last evening in Westborough, and asked the candidate point blank whether he would accept an invitation to debate or attend a town-hall session with Mr. Ogonowski, and Mr. Beatty readily accepted.

As I have not yet learned of such a present opportunity, our New Bedford Republican Party will be planning to host a Candidates Night (similar to the one the Franklin RTC hosted) and will invite all GOP contenders to come and join in the spirit of democracy.  Those interested in partaking, co-hosting or just joining in the spirit of extending our Grand Old Party, please inquire with me directly!

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