Museum of Science’s Body Works Exhibit used Chinese Torture Victims

Peter Porcupine has a great blog post regarding this on his blog.  I have always believed that something was amiss as Peter does with this exhibit. I thought it was disgusting and have refused to go to the Museum of Science because of it. I’ve told them so.  Here’s Peter’s blog post.  The German magazine Der Spiegel broke the news.  People told me I was crazy when I told them that the corpses were of Chinese government, for lack of a better word, slaves.  Guess Peter and I were right.

It has now been learned that they are worse then John Does – they are, instead, victims of Chinese torture and execution. The anonymous Chinese corpses come from the plastination lab at Dalian Medical University in China, operated by a former partner of plastination pioneer and anatomist Gunther von Hagens of “Body Worlds” fame. von Hagens himself has served as a visiting professor at Dalian Medical University, and for some of his international plastination exhibits he received from China the corpses of apparently-executed prisoners. While, in North America, Body Worlds is now touring in three versions, in Europe it has disappeared, having gone unexhibited since 2004. For in that year, the German newsweekly Der Spiegel published a lengthy expose of von Hagens, the burden of which was that at least some of his subjects showed evidence of bullet holes in the back of the neck, the preferred Chinese method of executing prisoners. Der Speigel obtained proof of $300 ‘body runs’ and reported that many of the posed figures were members of the banned Falun Gong sect.

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