MFYR PAC makes Donations

The Massachusetts Federation of Young Republicans PAC has just cut checks to seven legislative candidates.  These seven candidates do not have primaries, as it is against our charter to as an organization endorse in primaries.  We are actively raising money and plan to give to more candidates in the near future.  The candidates that have recently received $250.00 checks from our organization are:

Susan Pope, running for State Rep.  

Steven Levy, running for State Senate seat.

Santino “Sonny” Parente, running for State Rep.

Arthur Vigeant, running for State Rep

Ron Chernisky running for State Rep.

Kevin Kuros, running for State Rep.

Bill Scibella, running for State Rep.  

These recent disbursements plus the $100 each we gave to the three recent candidates in special elections, and $250 we gave to Steve Levy earlier this year brings us to $2300 in donations this cycle.  I’d like to thank Governor Cellucci for hosting a fundraiser in Boston for us earlier last month which allowed us to contribute to these candidates.

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