Lowell Sun: Ogonowski Camp Mocks State’s Claim on Lack of Signatures

Jim Ogonowski’s team responded forcefully to the Boston Globe and Bill Galvin’s hit job in yesterdays paper.  According to the Lowell Sun team Ogonowski mocked Galvin’s claims.

Senate candidate Jim Ogonowski’s campaign yesterday scoffed at the suggestion that the Republican might fall short of the necessary signatures to put his name on the ballot this fall to challenge Sen. John Kerry.

Secretary of State William Galvin on Monday said Ogonowski is still 250 signatures short of the required 10,000 needed to put his name on the ballot with a week remaining before cities and towns must certify all signatures collected by statewide candidates.

Ogonowski’s campaign called Galvin’s comments, reported in The Boston Globe, misleading, and suggested that doubts being raised about the Dracut farmer’s candidacy are politically motivated. …….

…….”We still have two weeks so this is premature to discuss, but we’re flattered John Kerry is so worried about us being on the ballot he called in a favor to his friend Galvin and his buddies at the Globe,” said Alicia Preston, Ogonowski’s press secretary.

I will continue to call Galvin’s office for comment and an updated signature count.  

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