Live Blog: Republican State Committee Meeting

I’m live blogging the Mass Republican State Committee meeting tonight.  There are a few things on the Agenda including a four amendments to the bylaws, the issues committee vote, and the State Committee delegates to the National Convention will be chosen.

A new state commitee member Alan Zenowitz was elected as a State Committeeman from the Middlesex, Sufolk, and Essex district.

Jean Inman and Dean Barnett from the McCain campaign are giving an update.  Jean is talking about the polls that show that Senator McCain is running even or ahead of Senator Obama.  We are not conceding Massachusetts.  Jim Barnett is the New England Regional coordinator for the McCain campaign.  Barnett thanked Governor Romney and said there is “no more articulate person to have helping us than Governor Romney.”

The first amendment is to remove any member of the state committee that is arraigned or indicted for a felony, without the need for further action.  The second part of the amendment says that after a convicted of a felony shall be expelled from the state committee.  Sentiment in the room seems to be against the amendment based on the first clause. Most people speaking against the amendment are saying that people should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.   Isaac Mass moved that the amendments first paragraph be stricken from the amendment.   The motion was tabled to the next meeting.

The second amendment was to amend the ability of the chair to break ties to not include the election of officers. That went quick and was approved.

The third amendment is to require each member to keep current their contact information and for all messages about meetings.  (seems reasonable to me).  But to some not so so much.  Although it did pass.

The fourth amendment is to bring language into consistency.

My computer is losing battery power.  More updates to come.

I’m back.  

Regional Chairs have been elected.

Oh the fun part is happening.  The election of delegates will be happening now.

The Nominations for Delegate are:


Gov. Mitt Romney

Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey

Rep. Brad Jones

Sen. Bob Hedlund

Darrell Crate

Bob Semonian

Rep. Robert Hargraves

Susan Mojica

Joseph Ureneck

DA Timothy Cruz

Mark Palmer (Ron Paul Delegate)

Polly Logan

Michelle Flaherty


Gov. Jane Swift

sheriff Joseph McDonald

Michael Crossen

Jean Inman

Matthew Robinson- (Ron Paul Delegate)

William Coen – (Ron Paul Delegate)

Greg Militello

Monica Medeiros

The Ron Paul guys were very cordial and only asked that we as a party embrace them and put them to work for the good of the party.  We need to tap into them.

Voting has begun.

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