Kudos To Torkie

(Just one thing, Peter HATES being called “Torkie”  LOL – promoted by Cool Cal)

Someone I know recently recieved a letter from GOP Chairman Peter Torkildsen. Torkildsen thanked the person in question (PIQ) for requesting a McCain bumper sticker over the internet. He also suggested that, if interested in getting more involved with the GOP, PIQ could contact the state committee persons who were responsible for the area in which said person resided. Enclosed with the letter was the contact information on both state committee persons. Although this was a small gesture, it’s the kind of follow-up necessary to help grow the party. Hopefully the state committee people will do likewise & develop a relationship with people who are open to what the GOP stands for beyond presidential politics.

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  • I had requested one of those very bumper stickers & well, of course I received the same mailing, with my own name as a contact!  Seriously, I thought it was a great touch for Peter Torkildsen & the staff to try to build and grow our committees through capitalizing upon the opportunity provided by the McCain campaign.  

    One of my best friends just recently got home from basic training (Mass Air National Guard) and his bumper sticker was waiting for him.  Now, granted he’s an RTC member already but I wager that a great number of those who requested a bumper sticker were not…and hopefully some of those will give us State Committee members a call and inquire about how to join the RTCs & RCCs!!!

    Also, if you noticed the bumper stickers say “McCain” in big letters and have a subtitle of “http://www.MassGOP.com.”  I thought that was a nice touch as well that may drive some new eye balls to our official website!

    IMHO, I think that this is a small but telling example of the progress being made in recent months.

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  • wavemaker

    how Torkie KNOWS how to win elections. The small stuff. It doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  • wavemaker

    Congressman Torklidsen was not fond of that nickname.

    I think we should honor that and simply call him Mr. Chairman.

  • I think it would be more helpful for the state committee to field candidates in all 10 Congressional districts.

    As nice as it is to have a personal touch, the priority should be on getting qualified Republicans on the ballot.

  • Rob Willington

    Thanks for noticing.  The data will also be sent to the appropriate State Committee members and RTC Chairs.

  • wavemaker