John Kerry: We were basically at Peace on September 11, 2001

Well looks like John Kerry has put foot in mouth yet again.  This time he claims that the US was “basically at peace on September 11, 2001.”

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) believes that on September 11 “we were basically at peace.”

Asked to clarify his remarks, specifically asking about the attacks on the U.S.S. Cole during Barack Obama campaign conference call, Kerry said, “well, we hadn’t declared war,” The Hill’s Sam Youngman reports.

Asked if al Qaeda was a threat at the time, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee said, “well yes, obviously they were a threat. But, fundamentally we were not at war at that point in time.”

Kerry also called John McCain “out of step with history and facts.”

So were we “basically at peace” on December 7, 1941 as well, Senator Kerry?  Jim Ogonowski has responded to John Kerry’s comments in a press release.

“Either John Kerry is naïve or he is actually using this tragedy for political propaganda to capture more headlines for himself in this election cycle.

Does he know this was not the first attack on the very building taken down on September 11th?

Does he consider the bombings of our embassies in Tanzania and Kenya and on American troops on the U.S.S. Cole as being “basically at peace”?

On the morning of September 11, 2001, America and the world were reminded that evil in the hearts of only a few men can cause harm to many. Those attacks were not planned in a day. Islamic extremists had long before declared war on America and American interests.

While September 11th was a day of peace to John Kerry, for me it was the day I lost my brother. I think it would be very appropriate for John Kerry to apologize to the victims and the families of those lost on that day for his remarks.”

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  • “It’s better to remain silent and let people think you are dumb than to speak and remove all doubt” but it’s not his  first time.

  • wavemaker

    Peace WAS at hand — in Nantucket, on Louisburg Square, in Sun Valley, and ll the other places that this man of the people frequents.

  • No one else seems to be reporting this.  Other blogs are reporting Kerry saying that McCain is “out of step with history and facts” but the context of everything Kerry said in the conference call is about Iraq.

    Eventually someone will probably post the full audio of the conference call.  

  • Ken Pittman

    Attacks on the US attributed to al Qa'eda by the Central Intelligence Agency: World Trade Center bombing February 26, 1993; 7 dead and 1,042 injured. August 8, 1993 – 4 US Soldiers killed in ambush in Somalia August 20, 1993 – 6 US Soldiers wounded in another Somalia ambush. October 3, 1993 Mogadishu, Somalia – ambush of US Forces by al Qa'eda allies. 18 US servicemen killed in Action and 84 wounded June 25, 1996 massive bombing in a joint mission with Hezbollah, Khobar Towers, Saudi Arabia. 19 US Servicemen killed and 372 international forces servicemen wounded. August 7, 1998 – US Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya bombings. Killing 212, wounding over 4,000 on U.S. sovereign property. October 12, 2000 – USS Cole refueling in Aden, Yemen attacked in a suicide bombing. Killing 17 US Sailors, injuring another 39. September 11, 2001 – The hijacking and suicide crash of 4 flights resulting in the collpase of the World trade Center, an attack on the Pentagon and an intercepted flight of terrorists overpowered by heroic passengers. 2,974 dead, 55 missing (presumed dead) and 6,291 injured. Let's not forget the hundreds of suicide bombs sponsored by Saddam Hussein in the nation of our ally Israel. Prior to Desert Storm, the US has been the subject of Islamic terrorism throughout the 1980s. Abu Abbas, Abu Nidal, Libya, Hizbollah, Hamas, and others ALL aided by the nation of Iraq under Saddam hussein John Kerry is out of his mind but we didn't learn that as a result of his remarks here.