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What Does the Senatorial Race in Massachusetts Say About the GOP? Human Events.com

by Katie O’Malley

Posted: 05/21/2008 Print This

Is the Senatorial race in Massachusetts a microcosm of the bigger struggle within the Republican Party? John Kerry faces a strong conservative challenger in Republican Jeff Beatty. This should be cause for great excitement. It should be a source of hope in an election season where conservatives must witness the troubling spectacle of the three Presidential candidates jockeying for the opportunity to long jump over the leftist line to the farthest degree.

Jeff is eminently qualified, not only to take on John Kerry, but to provide critical expertise for all Americans in troubled times.  He is a former Delta Force officer, former special agent of the FBI, a former CIA officer and an expert in National Security and counter terrorism.  His time in the private sector as a business owner adds additional perspective to his decision making.  

Why is it then, that the MA Republican Party has seemingly encouraged Jim Oganowski to enter the Republican primary race 7 months AFTER Beatty and against the desires of many of Jim’s own supporters?

The MA Republican Party is squandering the financial resources and good will of a party already in disarray with this questionable approach of subdividing the Republican constituency. We are entitled to know.why.

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