GOP Embraces Cap and Trade

The RNC Web site today features cap and trade as a solution to combat global warming.

It was very concerning that John McCain supported the cap-and-trade bill proposed by Senator Lieberman – but I never thought the Republican Party would adopt it as part of its platform.

The GOP is failing to offer a sensible alternative now when it comes to global warming.

The National Review highlights Senator Corker’s opposition to the Lieberman-Warner bill:

Most senators do not know much about global-warming policy. Senator McCain, for example, is an enthusiastic proponent of cap and trade. He sees it as an alternative to a carbon tax that would raise the price of gasoline, which he wants to lower. Actually, cap and trade would raise the price of gasoline too, and quite significantly, as oil companies passed along the legislation’s costs to consumers.

I plan to support McCain, but it’s disconcerting to see that he is indeed dragging the party to the left.

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  • Festus Garvey

    Or do you fall into one of three categories…one being a total denier that the earth is getting warmer (I’m unaware of any “expert” who denies this); two that the earth is indeed getting warmer, but there is no proof that carbon emissions are causing it.  (Which is true, but by combining two absolute facts: a) naturally occurring carbon dioxide traps the earth’s heat and b) for the last 150 years humans having been dumping zillions of additional tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere…a simple inference indicates strongly that our actions are contributing to global climate change).  Or three, my favorite, sure we’re causing global warming…but who’s to say that global warming is bad?

    So do you believe that this is all a bunch of BS or are you in basic agreement with McCain and Newt (to name a few high-level Republicans that are raising this issue) and you have other ideas to addressing this issue?  

  • Given that Mark has stated it about as clearly and unequivocally as possible my only addition to this conversation is statistical. From today I found the following editorial titled < a href=”″ >Cap-And-Trade Folly< /a >.

    Notice the crushing impact on the US economy these types of Cap and Trade policies would produce. Business would simply take note and move their business(those that haven’t already) to China and India where they won’t be subject to asanine and expensive laws regarding emissions.

    These bills mean limiting business, increasing costs for consumers, lost jobs and no decrease in agregate emissions. These emissions will simply be moved from PA and Michigan to India and China. This of course means that the alleged harm to the ozone layer has not be curtailed but rather just transported.

    It’s draconian to punish American businesses and the American people if China and India aren’t going to “play in the sand box as well.”

    I know there’s someone on here that has read Atlas Shrugged. Any one up for an equalization of opportunity bill next?