GOP Embraces Cap and Trade

The RNC Web site today features cap and trade as a solution to combat global warming.

It was very concerning that John McCain supported the cap-and-trade bill proposed by Senator Lieberman – but I never thought the Republican Party would adopt it as part of its platform.

The GOP is failing to offer a sensible alternative now when it comes to global warming.

The National Review highlights Senator Corker’s opposition to the Lieberman-Warner bill:

Most senators do not know much about global-warming policy. Senator McCain, for example, is an enthusiastic proponent of cap and trade. He sees it as an alternative to a carbon tax that would raise the price of gasoline, which he wants to lower. Actually, cap and trade would raise the price of gasoline too, and quite significantly, as oil companies passed along the legislation’s costs to consumers.

I plan to support McCain, but it’s disconcerting to see that he is indeed dragging the party to the left.

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