Gingrich vs. the Brad Jones Mentality

(Here is a diary from May in which I first reached the boiling point regarding Brad Jones leadership in the House.  If you are going to blame anybody, blame Newt.  

Brad Jones had six months from the time of this diary to lead.  To show me and the members of this party that dedicate their free time to getting him and other Republicans elected in this state that he can be an effective leader.  He has not.  It is time for a clean slate.   – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

About an hour ago, I heard Speaker Newt Gingrich give an amazing talk to a luncheon crowd at the Young Republican Leadership Conference in D.C.  He challenged the next generation of Republican leaders to get away from the politics at all cost mentality of the past 8 years and focus on things that matter personally to people.  I’ll have more to say about the lunch later.  

One of the things Gingrich said in response to a question about what to do if your “Senior Party” leadership doesn’t “get it” was the following, “Go around them, if your leaders don’t lead, don’t follow them.”  The line got a thunderous applause.  

Speaker Gingrich then went on to tell a story about when he came to the House in 1979 after the 1978 election that he won his seat in.  When he was on the Hill in December of 1978 for orientation, he asked the Minority Leader what plan they had to take the majority in the House.  The Minority leader said, “well I haven’t thought of that but it’s a good idea why don’t you head it up.”  Gingrich then went on to tell us why that mentality was so pervasive, it was because the Republicans on the hill found it their duty to vote no on legislation then go golf with their Democratic friends.  Don’t rock the boat too much was the mentality, sound familiar today?

Gingrich then went on to tell us how that made him the subject of scorn on the Hill because he was a firebrand idealogue that was jeopardizing their golfing friendships.  He led the fight from 1979 to 1994 and put a plan into place and took back the House.  

Then I come back to my room to check on RMG and my two blog posts of this morning, and see a quote from Brad Jones that I missed in my cursory glance at the Boston Globe article I mentioned in my “What Media Bias?” post.  The quote that I saw thanks to RV is:

“It’s tough to say to your family: ‘I’m running for office. I fully expect I’m going to lose. Please give up your summer, your time, and send money you’ll never get back,’ ” said Representative Bradley H. Jones Jr., the House minority leader. “That’s tough to encourage people to do.”

Representative Jones, if you would lead in the House and be proactive in standing up to the Democrats on a daily basis, and develop an agenda that the Commonwealth would rally around, maybe those candidates wouldn’t find themselves in that predicament.  For a -party leader to use that defeated language means to me, that like the Republican Leaders in the U.S. House of the late 1970s, he has lost the mandate to lead.  

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