“Getting it Right” by Matt Kinnaman

(Matt Kinnaman has a very well thought out essay on why it’s not suicide to support elimination of the income tax. – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

Considering that there has been some recent discussion about the ballot drive to possibly eliminate the state income tax I wanted to highlight a recent column by my friend and State Committee colleague Matt Kinnaman of the Berkshire, Hampshire, & Franklin district.  As many of you also know, Matt is also the chairman of the MassGOP Issues Committee.

Governor Deval Patrick said it’s “a dumb idea.” He called it “irresponsible” and “foolish.” Massachusetts Teachers Association President Anne Wass labeled it “wacky” and “wrong-headed.” What is it? It’s a ballot initiative to eliminate the Massachusetts income tax, on track for a statewide up-or-down vote on Election Day, November 4.

In 2002 a similar initiative attracted 45 percent of the vote. This time taxpayers just may be in a mood to go all the way, especially if they remember how the legislature has treated them in the past on taxes.

Please see the following link to read the entire article: Getting it Right by Matt Kinnaman.

Of course, Matt Kinnaman’s piece – and many other great articles of Massachusetts Republican interest can be found at the official MassGOP blog, www.MassRootsGOP.com.

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