End the Income Tax Effort May End: Tax Question in Danger!

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These small government folks sound like they are in trouble. It all comes down to money and signatures. Sound familiar?

“The END the Income Tax Petition Drive Is In Danger. NOT Because We

Can’t Collect Enough Signatures. It May Fail Because We’re Almost

Broke. We Don’t Have Enough Money to Pay Petitioners For This Week’s

Signature Turn-In.”

An Urgent Plea from Michael Cloud

Dear Friend,

Unless we raise $14,000 today to pay our petitioners, we will have to shut down our END the Income Tax petition drive.

The signatures are flooding in. The donations are trickling.

We are nearly broke.

With your help, we’ve raised $15,633 this month. Toward the $47,000 in final petitioning costs we need by our June 9th turn-in deadline.

Our bank balance is $1,834.

We have collected, received, and paid for 8,013 signatures out of the 20,000 required. 40% done!

Our petitioners have another 7,000 signatures in the pipeline. They’ll be turned in this weekend.

By this Sunday, we’ll have over 15,000 signatures in hand. 75% done!

By this Sunday, we’ll be only 8 days from the last 5,000 signatures.

Only 8 days until daylight. On the ballot for our Initiative to END the Income Tax.

Paid Petitioning is a cash and carry business. Petitioners don’t give credit. They don’t have time payment plans.

They hold onto their petitions until we pay them. They will stop collecting signatures if we can’t pay them.

Unless we raise $14,000 today to pay for this week’s petition signatures, we can’t pay them.

We’ll be forced to shut down our END the Income Tax petition drive.

Unless we raise $14,000 today and another $10,000 by June 9th, we can’t finish the petition drive.

The legislature will only be emboldened should this effort fail. Moreover they’ll work even harder to make it harder to put questions on the ballot while they enjoy all the perks and campaign contributions. The situation is dire, as always.

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