DiMasi Death Watch Begins

Today’s Eagan & Braude show featured an amusing inquiry — Jim Braude asked the listeners to bet who would be gone first: Hillary Clinton or Sal DiMasi.

Braude is betting that DiMasi will resign the Speakership before Hillary quits the Presidential race.

I love Jim Braude.

Of course, yesterday DiMasi went public to express his indignation that anyone would question his integrity, reiterating his dubious insistence that his personal accountant, former campaign treasurer and current private banker never once mentioned to him that he was being paid by the ticket resellers to influence legislation on scalping.

His timing could have been better — With Vitale having registered as a lobbyist with Galvin’s office for 2008 only, and even then claiming he was doing so for no good reason other than to get Galvin off his back (because, he insisted, he never was a lobbyist!), his claim might have maintained a gossamer-thin patina of plausibility.

But alas, the ticket brokers group didn’t get the Dummy Up Memo. They filed with Galvin too — only they registered for 2007 too, which suggests that someone among them recognized that even if Vitale didn’t actually do what he was paid to do, they were at least paying him thinking that he was.

Now Sal’s protestations may indeed be entirely true. It’s possible that his friend/accountant/treasurer/banker did indeed keep him completely in the dark about whatever it was he was being paid not to do. And it is possible that the friend/accountant/treasurer/banker registered as a lobbyist for 2008 when in fact he has not and will not be a lobbyist. And it’s possible that his disillusioned clients registered as having employed this non-lobbyist lobbyist (without disclosing, as required, the extent of the payment)just to cover their collective stubs.

But there’s really only one way to vindicate DiMasi’s integrity.

Start sprinkling subpoenas, put people under oath, and see what they say.  

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