Crime and Cover-up on House Floor?

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Sal DiMasi’s House continues to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Says one unnamed representative to Rep.Jennifer Callahan:

“I want you to know that I’m not only aware of what was said, but I’ve been in this building a long time and I know a lot of people, and if I want to I could make your life really difficult. I could really hurt you if I wanted to.”

Who said it?

Nobody’s talking.

The Globe story identifies the dispute as being related to the internicine maneuvering for DiMasi succession (can you say “blood in the water?”). The WCVB story suggests it had to do with her advocacy on a health care-related matter.

DiMasi henchman associate Eugene “Let ’em Go” O’Flaherty, doing his job as the Cleaner, says “I think two people may have different versions.””

She must have misremembered — the unnamed member didn’t threaten her, he asked for a stick of gum.

But no one’s talking, and it’s “in the hands of the Speaker’s office.”

I would think that this would be a perfect issue on which the Republican Leader should demand an investigation by the House Ethics Committee. There is one, you know. They don’t do much, obviously, but there is one.

Who threatened this woman. He must be held publicly accountable.

A cover-up should not be tolerated.

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