Carl Sciortino: Who Stole My Signatures?

State Representative Carl M. Sciortino Jr. says his nomination papers were sitting on his State House desk in late April. But by early May, they were gone — stolen, Sciortino contends, in an apparent act of political skulduggery.

But today, a state Superior Court judge was not buying his excuse.

Judge Linda E. Giles denied the Medford Democrat’s request that he appear on the September primary ballot even without the 150 voter nomination signatures required to qualify.

Sciortino had kept papers with 72 voter signatures in his unlocked, basement office of the State House. Giles noted in her ruling that he presented no evidence they were stolen.

”’The court is not unsympathetic to the plight of Sciortino, the apparent victim of innocent, very human inadvertence,” Giles said. ”Nevertheless, the duty to keep one’s important nomination papers safe and reproduced photostatically is not onerous.”

In other words: if your political opponents ate your homework, too bad.

A Somerville alderman, Robert Trane, has qualified for the Democratic primary ballot this year and would be facing Sciortino if he manages to get on the ballot or runs as a write-in candidate.

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