BlOgonowski Relaunches

BlOgonowski, Jim Ogonowksi’s epynonymously named blog relaunched this week.  I just noticed it.  The first post was about the delivery of signature papers on Tuesday.  Welcome back to the blogosphere Jim.

Today was a full day as my staff and I were delivering signature sheets to meet the 5pm deadline to get on the ballot for US Senate. The day began early as we all drove across the state of Massachusetts to deliver over 20,000 signatures!

My field director, Matt Talancy was in before 8am to start coordinating drop-offs throughout the state. As we each set off to deliver papers, I couldn¹t help but feel a great sense of relief and satisfaction.  As much work as it is collecting the signatures, I am glad that I do not have to certify them like the town clerks do!

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