Because He got 29% of the Vote and raised under $100k

(I don’t normally promote my own articles but this is more for this comment by Brockton Dave.  All I can say is Stay Classy Beatty Team…..  

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Saw fit to hand out this article at the Brockton Republican City Committee meeting tonight, where Jim was invited to speak.  Actually while he was giving his speech to the group.

It only made it as far as the ward one table.

How’s that for class.

Jim doesn’t crash Jeff’s events and hand out negative press.

And yes, I posted this in Ken’s thread too.  I was disgusted enough with it.  I also sent an email to Jeff to complain about it too.

“Don’t let me get away with it. Check me out. Don’t be the sucker generation.” -Ronald Reagan

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The title is the obvious answer to the question posed at today by Katie O’Malley.

Why is it then, that the MA Republican Party has seemingly encouraged Jim Oganowski to enter the Republican primary race 7 months AFTER Beatty and against the desires of many of Jim’s own supporters?

Beatty also did himself no favors by waiting to file his FEC report. I am still of the opinion that if Beatty had shown close to $700k raised at the end of last year this would have turned out differently for him.  But he didn’t and wanted to be secretive.  

By every metric available on February 1, 2008 Jim Ogonowski had proven himself to be a better candidate for office than Jeff Beatty.  By fundraising, by grassroots network, and by performance in an election.  So Katie there’s your answer.  

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