Beatty Accuses Ogonowski of Voter Fraud

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Brian Maloney from the Save WRKO blog sums up the Beatty campaign’s latest move very well:

Our Sad GOP Also Helps Talk Radio

It isn’t just Deval Patrick, the Bay State’s sad Republican Party also provides a lot of fodder for local talk hosts.

Here’s a prime example: one GOP US Senate primary candidate accusing the other of forging signatures. Could there be a more short-sighted approach to campaigning than that?

I watched Jeff Beatty run a remarkably amateurish campaign against Bill Delahunt last time around. Between the crappy website (somewhat improved this time), ill-considered radio ads and general lack of presence around the district during election season, it was a textbook example of how not to challenge an entrenched incumbent.

By contrast, Jim Ogonowski has already run one sophisticated campaign effort, which nearly sent him to Congress. So far, there’s every indication he could prove a halfway decent threat to John Kerry if he resolves the signature issue.

I’d rather see Jim run for a potentially open US Senate seat so that I can support both candidates. Beatty, however, is crazy if he thinks the key to victory in November is accusing Ogonowski of fraud.


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