“A Time for Reflection” by Kendra Dumont, Shirley RTC Chair

I received copy of this letter in my email inbox early this morning but I only got around to reading it once I got home from work.  The Letter was primarily addressed to Jim Ogonowski and CC’ed to Peter Torkildsen, Jean Kangas, Rob Willington, and Brian Burke.  I must have been included as a BCC due to being on the State Committee.

 That’s the facts as I know them.  Considering the letter was distributed to an audience I now present the letter to RMG without any editorial comment for everyone’s consideration and discussion.  

Mr. Ogonowski,                                                                                         29 May 2008

There comes a time in everyone’s life where serious reflection needs to be undertaken for the greater good. Based on the reported results of your effort being short approximately 100 signatures of the ten thousand required to have ballot access, this number discounts the standard challenge(s) by the Secretary of States Office, where normally 10 percent are not counted for varied reason and this discounts at least two additional challenges being mounted, your time of serious reflection is at hand.

When you initially undertook this run several of the Town/City Committees urged you to reconsider

and go after a seat you almost took out of Democratic hands, urged you not to waste resources on a primary that would undoubtedly spilt the party and cause the expenditure of funds that could have been better used if you and Jeff Beatty used them to fight a Democratic opponent in your respective races. As recently as two weeks ago several Town Committees urged you to still reconsider and pledged their assistance in helping your team get the required signatures to mount another challenge against Ms. Tsongas.

As the Chair of the Shirley Republican Town Committee, I’d appreciate if you would consider some of these issues. The Massachusetts Republican Party is NOT the people on Merrimac Street, or the Washington power elite who encouraged you to start a run in January 2008, While another man was running for almost one year at that point. The Massachusetts Republican party is the people in Stockbridge, at the furthest end of the Mass Pike, who travel hours to hold a sign. It is the folks at the tip of the Cape, collecting signatures at town land fills for hours in the rain and it is all the people in-between in the cities, towns and little villages of Massachusetts. These are the people who urged you to run against Tsongas and win this time, giving us two much needed victories. We are the folks that are not heard in Merrimac Street, but we are the ones who do the work, giving a candidate the manpower to win a seat. You can get advice, counsel, funds, and the elites endorsement, but you cannot win without the activist out here,  that is what was missed in your thought process when you entered this race.

You mounted a valiant effort, unfortunately it came up short, even if your team identifies the minimum amount required, that amount will not stand up. Your continuance of a fruitless effort will further split the party, squander the resources you have left and create Democratic talking points that will carry fourth for months. You left the Tsongas campaign on a high note do not allow people who got you into this race initially to convince you to further damage your reputation and credibility. It is now time for you to leave this race with honor and pride that one would expect of a career military officer, endorse and support the remaining Republican candidate and save your efforts for a battle for another day. You pledge party support and unity, it is time Mr. Ogonowski to show the Republicans from Stockbridge to Boston and all points in-between that you are a man of your word. These are the people you will need in the future should you consider a political run again.


Kendra Dumont


Shirley Republican Town Committee

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