A Challenge to Red Mass Group

(Best Idea this week.  You can play too Ken. – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

I first want to commend the creators of RMG for the work that they have put in to get this blog off the ground.  

However, sometimes I think it’s important for all the regular visitors here to try and give back a little.  

So here is my humble challenge to everyone on this site, if by next Friday we can all convince just ONE person to sign up for a new account, we can do this site a justice and grow it grassroots style. That’s it.  

I don’t think all of you will, but even if we grow this site membership 10% we can help to grow it’s influence.  

So get going, there must be ONE person in your town committee or a friend that hasn’t signed up yet… give that person a call, or an email….

Why are you still reading…. get recruiting!  

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