What’s missing from both Senate candidates’ FEC reports?


In a race of this magnitude, public opinion polls are critical. Candidates and their advisors are often too protective of their ideas/philosophies/policies, and have no idea if advancing a particular issue will gain them votes.

It doesn’t matter which issues are important to the candidate, it matters which issues are important to the voters.

Polling tells you what messages will work for you, what messages will work for your opponent, who to target with what messages, and should provide a roadmap to 50%+1.

Both candidates are equally guilty here. Neither has, as of the end of March, spent a dime on opinion survey research.

In my book, that’s inexcusable.

“Gut feelings” and “intuition” have no place in a U.S. Senate race. What matters is cold, hard, scientifically gathered data. To get that, you have to pay.

Let the flaming begin…

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  • wavemaker

    First of all, what do you think should be polled that hasn’t already been polled by the RNC, NRCC or any one of dozens of other outfits that are willing to share their research with a friendl candidate?

    Jeff Beatty’s name recognition? You want him to spend $10k to learn that his last name is “Who?”

    Or are you advocating that they should both be polling to tell them what positions to take?

    Or what’s most important to the voters? $10k to learn it’s the economy and education?

    Jeff’s been lucky to pay his direct mail people their small 85% cut. Jim just started. When there’s something to poll about, I’m sure they’ll get into the game.

  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

    It is my understanding from the grapevine that Jim’s poll was commissioned by the National Republican Senatorial Committee in the fall.  Which is why the NRSC seems to be supporting Jim. I don’t know that to be the case, but only Jim’s name is on the NRSC’s website and NRSC Chairman John Ensign’s Leadership PAC BattleBornPAC gave Jim $10,000 and Orin Hatch’s PAC gave Jim $10,000.

    Jeff had a Poll Done by Zogby last year and references it readily.  One would have expected that polling expense to be put in the FEC report.  Are you sure it wasn’t there????


  • BrocktonDave

    go after the Democratic vote too…  They won’t win with just Republicans and Unenrolled.  They will need the Dem vote too, and as much as a maroon as John Kerry is, they shouldn’t have any problem getting some.

    The actual after primary election cycle is so short, they need to start now.

    Of course…  I don’t know, I’m just a computer programmer.