What’s missing from both Senate candidates’ FEC reports?


In a race of this magnitude, public opinion polls are critical. Candidates and their advisors are often too protective of their ideas/philosophies/policies, and have no idea if advancing a particular issue will gain them votes.

It doesn’t matter which issues are important to the candidate, it matters which issues are important to the voters.

Polling tells you what messages will work for you, what messages will work for your opponent, who to target with what messages, and should provide a roadmap to 50%+1.

Both candidates are equally guilty here. Neither has, as of the end of March, spent a dime on opinion survey research.

In my book, that’s inexcusable.

“Gut feelings” and “intuition” have no place in a U.S. Senate race. What matters is cold, hard, scientifically gathered data. To get that, you have to pay.

Let the flaming begin…

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