What They Don’t Tell Us About the 2009 State Budget

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Normally I don’t like to cross-post, but Reps. George Peterson and Lew Evangelidis were in top form yesterday and were on a tear. Here’s my report.

I attended Saturday’s Lincoln Day Luncheon hosted by the Women’s Republican Club of Worcester County. Good turnout, including the presence of several of our outstanding state legislators: Minority Whip Rep. George Peterson, Rep. Lew Evangelidis, Rep. Bob Hargraves, and Former Rep. Sue Pope (who is running for re-election this year).

During the speeches, some interesting facts were shared by our legislators. Why isn’t this important information readily dispersed by the major media in Boston? For instance, did you know that:

– Gov Deval Patrick’s 2009 budget shows a huge deficit because of over $1B in new spending. What might even be worse is that this new budget will result in 5000 new state employees by the end of Patrick’s first year in office? I, for one, certainly didn’t vote for a LARGER government.

– For all the complaining about Gov Romney’s travel during his last year in office, Gov Deval Patrick has turned his back on Massachusetts right up front. He is spending an incredible amount of time out of state working on non-state business in his first year in office, such as negotiating and promoting his $1.3 M book deal and campaigning for Senator Obama. This from the Worcester Telegram:

“New revelations about his plans to work part time, on weekends and nights writing a book about his life and touring the country to promote it over the next two years raised new doubts about his focus on state affairs.

“Those disclosures follow months of weekend travel to promote Sen. Barack H. Obama’s presidential candidacy in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Ohio, with no sign the governor will be curtailing those activities as Democratic politics ramp up for the general election.”

– The new cigarette tax will have a significant effect on the border towns of Massachusetts. Estimates are that 38 convenience stores will close and 400 jobs will be lost within the first year alone.

Rep. George Peterson commented in the Worcester Telegram:

“‘The federal government is trying to put money back into people’s hands to prime the economy and lower taxes and costs for businesses, and what are we doing? We are raising the cost of doing business and taking more money out of the pockets of our constituents,’ said state Rep. George N. Peterson, R-Grafton.

“He said the governor may be “fanning the flames of an income tax revolt” and boosting support for a referendum on the ballot in the fall calling for elimination of the state income tax.

“Mr. Peterson said the state should not be raising taxes in the face of $1.2 billion in new revenues expected next year, even if that is not enough to pay for a $223 million increase in state aid for local schools and $800 million in new health care costs.

If current revenues are not enough, Mr. Peterson said, “somebody has to start acting like an adult and we may have to start a serious conversation about what programs we might have to cut or reduce or abandon,” including the state’s high-priced subsidized health insurance system.”


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