The Massachusetts Bureaucrat Factory

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In his first inaugural address more than 25 years ago, Ronald Reagan famously stated that “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.” Massachusetts, more than any other state, proves day after day that he was indeed correction in his assertion.

This from the State House News Service:

State spending continues to grow apace, new state documents show, fed in part by higher-than-average employment growth in state government, which by December brought the state workforce to its highest level since 2001. Beginning in 2004, the population of the Bay State has risen by about 11,000 people. Since June 2004, 4,256 people have hitched up as state workers. If you moved here in the last four years, you had about a 39 percent chance of becoming an employee of the Commonwealth.


Four years later, the politicians on Beacon Hill are going crazy because, wouldn’t ya know it, we are finding ourselves in yet another fiscal crisis. But can we really consider it a crisis if it is of our own doing?

The reality is that we don’t have a “fiscal crisis” – we have a crisis of leadership. We have Democrats who are more concerned with handing out favors in the form of jobs, subsidies, and regulation, rather than making sure our great commonwealth is run fairly, efficiently, and not on the backs of the people.

It’s time that Massachusetts was offered a choice, not an echo. It’s ironic that the Democratic party labels itself progressive when, in reality, they are the guardians of the status quo.

A vote for Democrats is a vote for the status quo and more bureaucrats.

A vote for Republicans is a vote for change and real job growth.

It may be the easiest choice you ever make in your life.

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