Tenth Congressional Caucus Results

We had 85 people, and a good moderator in Ed O’Connell, candidate for Plymouth County Treasurer.

There were 14 nominations for the three delegate slots, and each candidate was given a few monutes to speak.  Top vote getter and Romney Delegate was Rep. Jeff Perry of Sandwich.  Second vote getter and another Romney delegate was Rep. Dan Webster of Pembroke.  The McCain delegate is Patrick Lee, who works at the Plymouth County House of Correction and who was a very early McCain supporter.

When the time came for the alternates, there were about 10 nominations.  Top vote getter for alternate was John Harris of Sandwich, who was only one vote shy of beating out Rep. Webster as a delegate.  Next was ultra popular Rep. Vinny DeMacedo of Plymouth, and the McCain alternate is a former selectman from Sandwich, Doug Dexter.

Good crowd, excellent speeches, and free bagels.  Kudos to the Plymouth Town Committee and State Committee Man John Cafferty for hosting.  

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