State Committee’s new PR Committee

(The state committee wants YOUR input.  Let er rip! – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

Based on BrocktonDave’s comments to Matt’s post about the new Issues Committee of the MassGOP, guess now’s a good time to mention that I (Shari Worthington) have just been appointed Chair of the State Committee’s PR Committee.

We have 15 really good people on the committee and we’re ready to work. We’re activists, we’re bloggers, we’re writers, we’re issues people, we’re marketers, we’re PR people…it’s a great mix.

Our focus is in two areas:

OUTREACH: We help the MassGOP get the message out to the grassroots — activists, unenrolled voters, local papers, radio shows, bloggers, etc. Rob’s been going nuts with technology, including Twittering til all hours of the night! It’s a great start, but we need to reach more people and deliver compelling stories about why Republicans are the party of choice at the ballot box…from the local school committee to the Governor’s office.

INPUT: We also will provide input on what’s hot at the local level. This will help the MassGOP to be the first to break stories about yet more Democrats misbehaving 🙂

We’re brainstorming ideas now about how to best achieve the above. Send us all your comments, either here or e-mail me:

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