Popular Republican Gov. Palin of Alaska gives birth to 5th child

Thought this would be of interest since ousted a Democratic incumbent in 2006, and according to Wiki was considered one of the most well liked Governor’s in the country with an approval rating of 84% and a disapproval of 5%. She would be interesting at a national level, since background regarding energy policy, when she was an ethics commissioner for the Oil and Gas Conservation Committee. She is a member of Feminist for Life, and her campaign was funded by the Susan B Anthony List, a PAC that elects pro-life women. Her other children are a bit older in high school and the second youngest being 7 years old. Since we talked about babies with Down Syndrome, it should be noted this new born has been diagnosed with DS.

Yeah, Susan B Anthony was prolife. You don’t have to be believe in the Marxist view of gender to claim you care about women.  

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