Ogonowski Hires Seasoned GOP Professionals; Beatty Employs “Progressive” RI Activist

Now that the FEC has released the quarterly finance reports for both the Ogonowski and Beatty campaigns, an analysis of who was on the campaign payrolls was in order. I will begin with the Beatty campaign:

Many, if not most, office supplies expenditures profited out of state businesses.

The Barre Group of Barre, MA, run by a longtime Mass. GOP professional operative, was hired to do data work for the campaign.

Samuel Beatty of Brookeville, MD – no word on whether he is related to the candidate – Mr. S Beatty – also the Beatty committee’s Treasurer, was hired to do field consulting. He has no record of political activity and it does not appear that he has traveled to Massachusetts as part of his duties (there were no travel expenses for Mr. S Beatty.)

Kathryn Cantwell of Taunton, MA – field consulting – no record of political activity.

Capitol Hill Lists of Athens, GA was likely the main fundraiser for the campaign. Most campaign expenditures were sent there.

Christine Hunsinger of Rhode Island – field consulting – instead of hiring a seasoned GOP professional, the Beatty campaign found a “progressive” activist from RI who has a 100% Dem donor history.



Ms. Hunsinger does not appear to have changed her politics. Just yesterday she was involved with a progressive “Earth Day” event at Brown University –…



Ms. Hunsinger identifies herself as a Democrat married to a Republican – http://www.charmaineyoest.com/……

Ms. Hunsinger’s blog: “Two Babes and a Brain” – she collaborates with a red-stater who is the site’s “right brain” while she is the left brain – http://www.twobabesandabrain.t…

Joe Manzoli of Shrewsbury, MA – field consulting – Mr. Manzoli has a long history of GOP activism in Massachusetts and was the chair of the vibrant Shrewsbury RTC.

Cheryl Perrow of Harwich, MA – field consulting – no record of political activity.

Greg Petzold – Milford, CT – field consulting – no record of political activity.

Christine Sullivan – DC – field consulting – no record of political activity.

Thea White – Leesburg, VA – field consulting – no record of political activity.

Ogonowski campaign:

Office supplies and campaign merchandise expenses mainly benefited Massachusetts businesses like Copy Cop, Simard Printing, and Staples.

Bellwether Consulting Group – finance consulting

eNilsson International LLC. – web design – the Massachusetts based company has a history of designing professional campaign websites for Mass. Republicans. They recently ran the Romney for President website. You can view a full list of their clients on their website.

Matt Wylie Consulting – Fairfield, CT – Mr. Wylie has managed successful Republican campaigns for federal and state offices nationwide. He was also the executive director of the Mass. GOP.

SCM Associates – seasoned New England Republican political consulting firm specializing in direct mail – its history dates back to campaigns in the 1980s – they’ve also consulted for the Mass. GOP for a long time.

Shelly Carson – Columbia, SC – finance consulting – regarded as one of the nation’s top political fundraisers – national deputy finance director for Romney – finance director for Jim DeMint 2004.

Megan Fitzpatrick – Boston, MA – previously worked for Romney campaign.

Alicia Preston – Hampton, NH – previously NH GOP spokesperson – staffer for Mayor Guinta (Manchester) – Gov. Craig Benson.

Matt Talancy – Holden, MA – field director at Ogonowski for Congress – managed Cangiamila for State Senate campaign – he was a very active college Republican.

Ethan Zorfas – Westport, CT – finance consulting – worked for Chris Shays.

Observations: Jim Ogonowski clearly has the most seasoned GOP professionals on his team.

It is interesting to note that the Beatty campaign does not appear to believe in finance consultants and every single member of his staff is identified as a field consultant. His out of state field consultants have no travel reimbursements on record, so they do not appear to be doing any work in Massachusetts.

Ogonowski’s campaign, on the other hand, has field consultants, finance consultants, GOTV consultants, you name it.

And one of the few professionals the Beatty campaign was able to find happens to be a progressive Democrat activist and donor.


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